All about me

I wasn’t always bad, but neither was bad girl Riri. I was a good house wife who turned a blind eye to my outlaw husband Juan Bravo’s shenanigans. I had big plans for our Spanish tapas business on the Foreshore, but he didn’t want to listen. After long nights of disagreements, Juan and I decided to shut down shop. Next, we shut down our marriage.

He took the Benz, so I took the business.

Bye bye Mr Bravo, no one puts Betti in a corner. Divorce isn’t easy. Admittedly, I had a Britney breakdown. But after a few wild nights, some peroxide to help shape my new look, and a tattoo preaching my new mantra ‘Break Hearts. Eat Burgers. I dropped the Bravo and prevailed with a new business venture – Bad Betti’s – the baddest, tastiest burgers in town.

The Food

Betti gets what Betti wants, and turns out I wanted a bad gal burger joint.

I have completely flipped the Bravo legacy on its head, instead rolling out a menu which suits my new bad attitude. Keeping in line with my heritage, Bad Betti’s offers Caribbean-style burgers and other tasty t’ings. Essentially, a spicy list of items to get you through any bad breakup. Four Caribbean burgers are on the hit-list, including ‘sleazy cheesy,’ ‘Betti’s got beef,’ ‘Jerk on buns,’ & ‘Nacho’s anymore.’ Since going bad to the bone, I’m not afraid of anything, including getting my hands a little greasy with my new ‘Freakin’ fried jerk chicken.’